Move over Batman and Superman and make room for the new superhero HELICOPTER HARRY.

Kids’ need this book Helicopter Harry and the Copter Kids’ in light of the terrible things that are happening in the world. Helicopter Harry and the Copter Kids’ is a powerful read about inspiring kids’ and encouraging them to pursue their dreams in the face of difficulty.

This fun adventure revolves around two 12 year old kids’ chasing their dreams to be pilots as curiosity gets them more than they bargained for and are drawn into a magical world of superheroes where bullies are not tolerated.

The Copter Kids’ meet Helicopter Harry on a chance encounter and soon suspect there is more to the man with a British accent and think he might be from the Royal Family since he looks and sounds like Prince Harry. But they think to themselves no way, it couldn’t be THE Prince Harry here in America? As their journey continues the Copter Kids’ become superheroes through a superhero boot camp with Helicopter Harry’s magical kingdom of superhero choppers.

Jon Wayne Faust

Helicopter Harry By Jon FaustAfter 18 years of writing, editing, writing, editing contacting publishers and more publishers without success Helicopter Harry and Copter Kid’s has finally come to life. Jon’s fascination with helicopters, science and flying led him to write this unique adventure that embraces the imagination of children. Most kid’s have a fascination with helicopters but unlike these two 12 year olds they get the adventure of a lifetime while in search of a helicopter that can fly like no other when they meet Helicopter Harry and become enveloped into a world of smart helicopter and superhero’s.