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Jon initially did not intend to become an author, as his true interest was becoming a helicopter pilot. Jon tried to join the Coast Guard early in life, but could not get in due to the competitive nature at the time. As a backup plan Jon then went to college in San Diego and earned his Associate degree. Persistently, Jon tried to join the Apache helicopter program at thirty years of age only to be turned away as the cutoff age was twenty-nine. It was from Jon's life-long interest in helicopters that Helicopter Harry and the Copter Kids was born.

Jon celebrated his thirty-sixth birthday while making a 4,000 mile bike tour through New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania and turned 36 years of age while there. Once back in the United States he contacted the Navy about flying Black Hawks only to find out thirty-five years of age was the cutoff. But Jon was determined, and he signed up for a private flight school in Sacramento. Unfortunately, he ran out of tuition money to finish which flight school. This is when he got the idea to write a screenplay about the evolution of the helicopter in order pay for flight school. Jon shopped the screenplay around but found no takers. He also tried his hand at producing the video himself, but he couldn’t get the financing. The story sat on the back burner as Jon worked in mortgage banking, real estate sales, and as a construction analyst for several years.

Jon was never happy working a desk job and he finally found a creative outlet he loved and as was just as passionate about as being a pilot. Jon would pick up Helicopter Harry and the Copter Kids from time to time and continually rewrite the storyline while doing focus groups with kids to find out what they wanted in the story. Jon shopped the manuscript around to many children’s publishers only to be rejected which he is now self-publishing after twenty-one years.