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Helicopter Harry and the Copter Kids is a delightful and charming story that integrates a simple and powerful message of hope and dreams. It's geared to the hopes and aspirations of all kids including that of the author. Jon Faust has successfully melded his love and passion for flying and the global fascination with the Royal Family to effectively inspire kids to reach for their dreams. I highly recommend this book and will order the set for my grandchildren.

Jim Shippey

Retired school superintendent, Bay St. Louis, MS

Faust has crafted such a wonderfully intertwined and compelling story with complex, fallible, endearing characters that I’m still almost shaking as I think of Helicopter Harry as the Jason Bourne of superheroes that rescues kids dreams! It has the feel and texture of Disney movie with its heartwarming storyline.

Don and Jill Richards

Roswell, GA

This story brings me back to my childhood when we dreamed of becoming superheroes in the UK. Helicopter Harry is unlike today’s superhero’s that conquer and kill as he rescues and guides the kids into a fantasy driven superhero boot camp and grooms them not only to be superheroes, but good stewards of life.

Jerine Faust

San Diego, CA

An exciting adventure that piques your interest with each turn of the page as the story envelopes the pursuit of dreams, superheroes, mythical helicopters and Da Vinci. The mysterious Helicopter Harry embellishes the world of superheroes and brings to life a new character which is exactly what the world needs right now. The story is exciting, imaginative and educational for young and old.

Del Hernandez

San Diego, CA

Helicopter Harry is a fanciful, informative and has the most exciting storyline that is filled with suspense and intrigue! Helicopter Harry will stimulate your imagination and make you yearn for more and as you are right there in the story with him as we were all kids at one time.

Angelica Garcia

Fairfax Virginia

Helicopter Harry and the Copter Kids is an educational, action-packed adventure that takes its readers for an exciting ride and leaves them wanting more! It isn’t just a great story—it’s also a heart-felt message to all the dreamers out there who ever dared to be different. This book will strike a chord with children and adults alike, and I would recommend it to anyone who has ever doubted that they could succeed in a world that tells them not to take chances. We often forget how we dreamed big as kids. Helicopter Harry reminds you of those days when you thought you could do anything, and makes you realize that you still can!

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